LACLAIRE is an artistic creation studio hand drawn by Claire Laffut.  

Kid of the nineties, Claire was born in Belgium on the first day of Summer in 1994 and has been raised in a small village called Moustier-sur-Sambre. During her childhood and everyday after school, she went to a small academy located in Auvelais to learn piano, theater, ballet, contemporary dance and drawing classes. 

Today, the « Neonized Belgian » skillfully uses various techniques from line art, to pointillism combined with different kind of symmetries and shapes. Mixing neons, paint, colors, lights, inks, wood, writings and more, she describes art as an infinite dazzle.

At only 19,  she decided to create her own brand of luxury faux tattoo and she already teamed up with companies and studios in Paris, New York as the Galerie Chenel (Paris), Elle Magazine (Belgium), Wildchild (New York) Scotch&Soda (Amsterdam), Levi's (Belgium), Urban Outfitters (San Francisco), Première Heure (Paris), Elie Saab (Paris) and See by Chloé (Paris).

When I first moved to Paris, I worked with a friend on a scenography exhibition for his gallery of Egyptian and Italian archeology. Since that experience, my vision on art never stopped growing. 

After the finest skin art, she started a new project called "Veins" ; a furniture line and her first series of paintings "Me To You" about love and relationships.

 This young gal continues to increase expression supports and wish a first exhibition in 2016.


Stay tuned !




About illustration and paint

«There is a certain game, an uncalculated risk between water and ink, when two disciplines like painting and illustration come together.
A place where precision and spontaneity meet. In illustration, distinction and precision is required, however when illustration morphes with painting, the beauty of contrast appears. 

" The atmosphere and location where I end up painting is really important to me. It’s mostly a transparant display of how I capture the moment and how I translate it on a the canvas. It’s also an expression of how I feel at that specific moment. For me, art is catching a momentum translated in shapes and colors from the moment you start working until the time you decide the work is finished."

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